Running a business is hard. You constantly feel like you’re being pulled in 10 different directions. Everyone needs your attention RIGHT NOW and they all have something to say about how you could do better. This can make it feel like everything is falling apart. Don’t worry, you can and you will get your shit together!

We all know that, no matter how big or small, getting a business up off the ground is a ton of work. Just getting your name out there can be strikingly difficult if you don’t have marketing expertise. There are countless roadblocks. It may even feel like everyone is against you (or at least that no one is actively for you). Sometimes, it feels like your ‘to-do’ list is getting 5 things added to it for every item you cross off. If you’ve ever waited tables, you know that this drowning feeling is called being ‘in the weeds’. Your business depends on you staying out of the weeds, though.

Don’t Forget Your ‘Why’

One thing that I cannot stress enough is the importance of acting cognizant when growing your business. Circle back every couple of months to look at your goals and progress. This comes back to our previous blog post about setting SMART Goals. SMART Goals aren’t just for marketing, they can apply to any type of business or personal goals you might have. Setting appropriate goals and circling back to them every month or quarter allows you, as a business owner, to stay grounded and intentional. Looking back on your progress is a great way to stay motivated, especially when you have those moments – you know, the ones where you feel like you’ll never get anywhere. It may not be pretty but we all struggle with moments like that.

Scaling your business intentionally is not to say that you shouldn’t set a high bar. We encourage you to set those 25-year goals that seem bigger and scarier than you’re ready for, just don’t lose sight of what it will take to get there. Build the habits now that you know you will need later. Being disorganized, not tracking finances, and avoiding past failures isn’t something that your future vision of yourself would do, so don’t do it now. Find an organizational system that works for you and if you don’t know where to start, find help. If you haven’t taken a good, hard look at your books lately, sit down with your accountant and do it. If you’ve had a failure that you’re afraid of facing head on, find someone to help you address how and why you failed.

Success Takes Teamwork

In case you didn’t notice, all of my directives above include getting help from someone other than yourself. Every business owner, even solopreneurs, need a team. Figure out who is on your team and how they can support you with your goals. It’s okay if that team mostly consists of your mom and best friend cheering you on for right now, their fan club will probably reach corners of the community that you never thought possible. As your business grows, your team will inevitably expand and grow with the business. Find the people who have the skills to either pick up the slack where you’re lacking, or can work with you to improve your own habits and actions.

No one wants their business to grow too slowly. Be careful though, growing too quickly without being intentional is the best way to fail. In order to scale your business effectively, you have to remember why you started in the first place. Don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve come! Avoiding a task or project because you’re intimidated by it is a great way to keep things stagnant. Find a team that you know will be on your side and support your business with their expertise. Stop making excuses and get your shit together already.

Written By: Randi Zimmermann

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