Social media marketing seems pretty simple and straightforward, right? Theoretically, if you get as many likes and follows as possible, business will get better and sales will increase. It’s not that simple, though. Some businesses want to be everything to everyone, and some choose to cater to a specific audience. Unfortunately, unless you’re Amazon, providing everything to everyone is impossible. Create an Ideal Customer Persona so you can identify who sits in your niche and most effectively market to that audience.

Know What You’re Good At and Stick To It

High quality services and products are a result of expertise in a specific field. Entrepreneurs are known to be exceptionally motivated, sometimes to the point of stretching themselves too thin. This is where so many great entrepreneurs meet their downfall. Trying to cover everything related to their field without honing in on that one specific ‘thing’ that they do better than anyone else. You want to provide a quality experience for your customers which isn’t possible if you’re doing a half-ass job at 20 different things. Get really great at a few specific things and then branch out, rather than trying to do everything at once.

Digital culture provides consumers the ability access anything that they could dream up in a few clicks. This allows businesses to reach people all over the world in a matter of seconds. Consumers aren’t confined to purchasing only from businesses in their local area anymore. Items that aren’t available at a local establishment can be easily accessed through the internet. That means that you can more effectively zero in on your ideal customer, even if they live on a different continent. This allows you to cater to your ideal client without getting bogged down providing products and services that aren’t really your niche.

Identifying Your Ideal Customer

One of the most powerful marketing tools that a business owner has is the Ideal Customer Persona. Hubspot defines the Ideal Customer Persona as a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Generally, it is a description of someone who you think would be attracted to your product or service. Conduct some market research through Facebook and Google Analytics or surveys. These are all great places to find details on the demographics that traffic your site most frequently.

Once you have the data together, start with an outline of demographics and a description of their dream and pain point. If you understand your customer’s dream and their pain point, you can provide them with a pathway to that dream and a solution to that pain point. Always treat your Ideal Customer Persona as if it’s a real person. Don’t assign them generic demographics (40-45 with 2.5 kids), but create a real person and describe everything you can about them that’s relevant to your business. I’ve provided an example below:

Product : Leather Jacket

Ideal Customer Persona



24 year old female, has Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and makes $38,000 per year blogging.

Daily Life:

She is classically pretty, fairly fit, and has a boyfriend who she is unsure about. She talks to her parents a couple of times per week. Traveling is a passion of hers. Since she works from home, she has the flexibility to travel, but not the income to support it. Jaime likes going out with friends and she eats mostly vegetarian but will make exceptions for sushi. She is up to date on trends and fashion, but she’s also very conscious of purchasing products that are sustainable and ethically-sourced.


Her dream is to write for a major online publication, travel the world and look really cool while doing it.

Pain Point:

Jaime is focused on sustainability and her carbon footprint, animal leather is not going to work for her. She is also concerned about the price of a great jacket. While she knows that high-quality jackets can be expensive, she’s on a pretty strict budget.


In this case, Jaime probably won’t buy a product that’s made from cow’s leather and is also concerned about the price point. She wants something that exudes “cool” but is also professional enough to be worn to work at one of those major publications. This completely changes the marketing game!! It gives you insight into the life of your customer and what appeals to them the most. Don’t be afraid to branch out and get to know the details of their life. Doing so will give you the opportunity to hone in on the most effective way to market to and create a product that the customer will love.


When creating an Ideal Customer Persona, it’s also perfectly fine to pull from people that you are already familiar with. Mix and match traits of people that you know already love your product and assign them to your Ideal Customer Persona. Since they already ARE your Ideal Customer, they’ll probably be similar to other people who are your Ideal Customers. 

Create a great marketing plan by getting to know who your market is and what they want their life to look like. In order to know your audience, you have to get into their head and find out what makes them tick. Use what you know is their dream to grab their attention, appealing to the life they aspire to live.

Written By: Randi Zimmermann

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